WJHW tech helps Allegiant Stadium wow crowds on Super Bowl Sunday

Featured image credit: David Lusvardi on Unsplash

During yesterday’s (Sunday’s) Super Bowl in Las Vegas, the spotlight was on Allegiant Stadium not just as a sports venue but also as a pinnacle of technological innovation.

The venue is partly credited to the expertise of WJHW, whose contributions to the technology design at Allegiant Stadium have set a new standard in stadium experience.

“Our vision for Allegiant Stadium was comprehensive,” said Charles Adkinson, senior vice-president of sport development at WJHW. “We wanted to create a space that was not just visually stunning but also functionally superior. To achieve this, our scope of design services spanned across several critical areas.”

These areas included:

  • Audio-visual systems: WJHW designed state-of-the-art audio-visual systems to enhance the fan experience, ensuring crisp, clear sound and visuals from every seat.
  • Broadcast systems: A cutting-edge broadcast system was implemented to capture and transmit every moment of the game with unparalleled clarity, making it a perfect venue for high-profile events like the Super Bowl.
  • Structured cabling systems: The backbone of the stadium’s technology, these systems support all the digital and communication needs, ensuring seamless connectivity throughout the venue.
  • LED scoreboard/video display systems: These systems are not just functional but form a crucial part of the stadium’s aesthetic appeal, providing clear and dynamic visuals for fans.
  • Security, access control, and video surveillance systems: Prioritising safety, WJHW implemented comprehensive security systems, ensuring a secure environment for all attendees.
  • Acoustics and noise vibration control: Beyond visual elements, WJHW focused on acoustic excellence, ensuring that sound quality within the stadium is maintained at optimal levels, enhancing both game and event presentations.
  • Seating bowl acoustics: The design of the seating bowl was carefully considered to optimise acoustics, ensuring that every cheer, chant, and call is experienced with clarity and intensity.

WJHW said Allegiant Stadium stands as a showcase of the company’s “ingenuity, expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence” in sports development and fan engagement.

WJHW’s comprehensive design services helped transform the space into more than just a stadium by crafting an immersive experience that resonated with fans and viewers alike.

On the field, the Kansas City Chiefs came from behind to defeat the San Francisco 49ers 25-22. It marked the Chiefs’ second Super Bowl win in a row.

WJHW, a Dallas-based firm offering state‐of‐the‐art design services and consulting, was acquired by venue, events and infrastructure technology provider PMY back in April 2021.

WJHW is a sponsor of this year’s TheStadiumBusiness Design & Development Summit, which will take place at Emirates Old Trafford in Manchester on December 3-4.