The NFL is looking at the proposed new stadium for Lega MX football club Tigres UANL as a potential destination for games, according to the American football league’s director general in Mexico.

Tigres, which is based in the city of San Nicolás de los Garza, Nuevo León, is currently seeking a land deal to build a new stadium that could replace the 42,000-seat Estadio Universitario, its home since 1967.

The NFL currently holds a deal with Mexico City’s Estadio Azteca (pictured), which will hold a regular season game for the third consecutive year when the Los Angeles Rams face the Kansas City Chiefs on November 19.

NFL Mexico director general Arturo Olivé said the league is keeping the Tigres project in mind as it seeks to potentially widen its stadia options in the country. “Learning from what happened with the Azteca should basically be the size of the locker rooms,” he said, according to the ESPN Deportes website.

“The soccer locker rooms are small compared to what is required for (American) football and one of the advantages of the Tigres project is that they seek to incorporate dressing rooms of the size that is required.”

Olivé added: “What we did in the Azteca is to build custom dressing rooms that are required for the NFL and this is what is required (for Tigres). In addition to a (playing) surface that supports frequent use like how the Azteca is doing. That is why we are closely following the Tigres stadium and once it is built, we will see if it can host NFL games.”

While the NFL currently holds a contract with the Azteca for an annual regular season game through to 2021, Olivé said the league is closely following other stadium developments in the country.

Image: Estadio Azteca