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Elevating the ultimate fan experience at SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park: 24/7 Software’s innovations

Featured image credit: London Bridges on Unsplash

SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park, a sports and entertainment district located in Inglewood, California, is a sprawling testament to excellence in the world of entertainment.

This epic destination is home to a remarkable array of venues, each contributing to its status as one of the most renowned sports and entertainment districts globally. With a storied history of hosting prestigious events, including Super Bowl LVI and Wrestlemania 39, and with preparations underway for upcoming global spectacles like the 2026 FIFA World Cup and the 2028 Olympics Opening and Closing Ceremonies, SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park’s success hinges on a dedicated and exceptional team.

A glimpse into SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park

SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park encompasses a multitude of venues, each with its unique charm and purpose. From the awe-inspiring SoFi Stadium to YouTube Theater, and the vast retail, residential, public parks and office space, it is a world-class destination that caters to fans, guests, and visitors from around the world.

The Quest for Excellence

This epicentre of entertainment is constantly abuzz, hosting an extensive range of events, from thrilling sports matchups to legendary music performances. Amidst the excitement, one common factor remains crucial: delivering an exceptional experience for every guest. To ensure this, SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park have turned to the comprehensive suite of solutions offered by 24/7 Software, with a special focus on two groundbreaking products: advanced analytics and partner integrations.

Leveraging 24/7 Software’s latest innovations

Partner integrations: The venue operations teams have worked with 24/7 Software to implement multiple integrations to automate the creation, update, and resolution of incidents and work orders in 24/7 Software. This helps to increase efficiency for facility management, security, and fan experience teams. Integrations span the gamut of security and operations software from weapons detection, drone detection, video analytics and restroom sensors.

With the Georgia Pacific KOLO integration, facilities management teams receive real-time notifications on their 24/7 Software mobile applications for work orders such as replenishing bathroom paper towels and toilet paper, enhancing operational efficiency. The data from this integration also allows facility teams to understand restroom usage holistically, across the venues, in real time during events. 

All integration data flows into the 24/7 Software analytics solution, creating a single-pane-of-glass for analysing operations and team performance.

Advanced analytics: The venue operations team uses analytics dashboards to reduce incident response times, decrease labour hours, and measure and improve staff efficiency and accountability. Having the data from all integrated systems aggregated into one analytics tool allows the operations team to trace incidents, customer requests, and work orders from inception to resolution, and thus better understand root causes, and affect outcomes.

“Use of 24/7 Software’s advanced analytics solution has become a major component in how we work to provide extraordinary experiences for guests that visit Hollywood Park. We have been able to build dashboards within the module to help identify trend data across multiple event categories, as well as our day-to-day operations,” said Jeff Gillies, senior director of industrial control systems at SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park.

“Use of these dashboards has resulted in a large improvement in response times on event days and reduction in labour hours spent producing event/daily reports. We have also been able to use this newly accessible data to measure staff efficiency.”   

SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park continue to set the gold standard in the world of sports and entertainment. Their commitment to innovation, safety, and fan satisfaction remains unwavering. As they harness the full potential of 24/7 Software’s suite of solutions, they reaffirm their position as pioneers in the industry.

In an environment where every moment matters, SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park’s commitment to excellence ensures that every visit to their world-class destination is nothing short of extraordinary.

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