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MLSE: Revolutionising fan engagement through advanced analytics

Featured image credit: Adam Bishop/CC BY-SA 4.0 – edited for size

Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment (MLSE) is one of Canada’s leading sports and entertainment organisations that manages a portfolio incorporating nine sports and esports franchises and iconic venues, including Scotiabank Arena and BMO Field.

What sets MLSE apart is not just their world-class venues, but their unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled fan experiences. One of the supporting tools to this commitment to excellence is a comprehensive platform from 24/7 Software, including the recently introduced Advanced Analytics module.

A glance inside MLSE’s world-class venues

Scotiabank Arena embodies the spirit of sports and entertainment excitement in Toronto. With a seating capacity exceeding 18,000, the arena transforms into a cauldron of energy during games and shows, setting the stage for historic moments.

BMO Field, nestled in the heart of downtown Toronto, is a soccer and football haven. With approximately 30,000 seats, it provides an intimate connection between fans and the game, creating an atmosphere that ignites the passion of soccer and football enthusiasts.

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MLSE’s unwavering commitment to excellence

MLSE’s commitment to best-in-class experiences remains ceaseless. They understand that every detail matters when it comes to delivering unforgettable fan experiences and ensuring safety and security in their venues. That is why they have engaged support from the full suite of 24/7 Software’s innovative solutions, contributing to the revolution of their operations management.

From the Incident Management System that enables swift response to incidents, to the Computerised Maintenance Management System that streamlines venue operations, MLSE continues to harness the power of technology to create efficient, fan-centric experiences.

Security Guard Patrol Solution helps ensure that their venues are always safeguarded, while Mobile Applications empower their staff to remain connected and responsive throughout events. The Guest Experience Request Tracker is used to support a seamless, personalised experience for VIP guests, and the Live Mapping Tool offers real-time insights to optimise resource allocation.

Transformative power of advanced analytics and partner integrations

The latest addition to MLSE’s suite of technology from 24/7 Software is the Advanced Analytics module. This powerful tool provides real-time data-driven insights, helping MLSE anticipate and respond to trends during events.

Kaustubh Kapoor, manager of analytics at MLSE, shared the impact of this comprehensive approach. He said: “We’ve had great feedback from our security operations stakeholders, who are excited to have dashboards in our new Integrated Operations Centre to make real-time decisions.  

“We created two in-event dashboards to measure security/medical incidents and their response times as well as overall venue operations. These are the two biggest points for us in providing an exceptional fan experience. Overall, 24/7 Software’s Advanced Analytics product helps us to maximise the visibility for the generated visualisations.” 

MLSE has also adopted 24/7 Software Partner integrations to help deliver further automation across their venue operations by integrating ticketing data to enhance investigative reporting in their Incident Management System. These integrations help bring unprecedented automation and allow them to better connect with their fans.   

A legacy of excellence

MLSE continues to set the standard in sports and entertainment. Their commitment to innovation, safety, and fan satisfaction remains unwavering. As they harness the full potential of 24/7 Software’s suite of solutions, including Advanced Analytics, as supportive tools, MLSE reaffirms its position as a trailblazer in the industry.

In an arena where every moment counts, MLSE’s legacy of excellence ensures that every visit to their world-class venues is nothing short of extraordinary. They have proven that by combining innovative technology with unwavering dedication, they can achieve the pinnacle of fan experiences while setting the stage for an even brighter future in the world of sports and entertainment.