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Warta Poznań continues green drive with Respect Energy stadium sponsorship

Featured image credit: Warta Poznań

Polish Ekstraklasa football club Warta Poznań has furthered its sustainability efforts by agreeing a stadium naming rights deal with Respect Energy.

The contract with the renewable energy management company, running through to mid-2025, will see the Stadion Dyskobolii Grodzisk Wielkopolski renamed as Stadion Respect Energy.

Grzegorz Bruski, member of the board of Respect Energy, said: “We are glad to start cooperation with Warta Poznań – a recognised football club with a long tradition, also involved in activities in the field of corporate social responsibility. 

“Thanks to the support of Respect Energy and renewable energy supplied to the facility, the Stadion Respect Energy in Grodzisk Wlkp. will be a green home for the most popular sport in Poland. We also hope that thanks to the established cooperation, we will help companies from the Wielkopolskie Voivodeship to reduce energy-related costs.”

Stadion Respect Energy first opened in 1925 and Warta has been playing its games there on a full-time basis since mid-2019. This is due to its stadium at Droga Dębińska in Poznań not meeting licensing requirements. 

However, Warta in June presented the initial design concepts for a green-focused stadium, as it seeks to return to its home city. Stadion Respect Energy is located around 27 miles southwest of Poznań.

Maciej Wojdyło, member of the management board of Warta Poznań, said: “The cooperation between Warta Poznań and Respect Energy is an important step towards sustainable development and another highlight of our strong commitment to ecology. 

“As a football club that has been focusing on ecological solutions for years, we are convinced that partnership with a company specialising in green energy is crucial to our mission and the values ​​we represent. We believe that this partnership will not only strengthen our brand, but also contribute to the promotion of sustainable practices throughout the sports industry. 

“For us, it is not only a business cooperation, but above all a serious initiative that emphasises our club’s commitment to building a better future for our community and the planet.”

Energy company Enea last month acquired naming rights to the home stadium of Warta’s Ekstraklasa rival, Lech Poznań. The four-year deal rebranded the 43,000-capacity stadium as Enea Stadion.